Design, Assist and Build

The team of professionals at Mishler Construction have years of experience as a Design/Builder. Our approach to your project is to provide you with all the design, planning and building services your unique project requires. Your project team will include our dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact during pre-construction, construction and project closeout. This streamlined approach ensures that your vision, wants and needs will always be front and center in the conversation. There is no hand-off of information that can bring the potential for important details being forgotten.

Services Flow Chart

As a member of your team we provide all the necessary services that you may need to bring your project to reality. We provide that full spectrum of services of which you may need all or just a select few. Every project is unique and it is our goal to help you fill those areas of need so that your time and budget are protected.

FUND – Funding is a two-part process that is critical to a project. The first part is understanding what your project is going to cost. In a team effort with the owner and our network of sub-contractors we establish an early initial project budget. This initial budget then allows the owner to review their funding options. Partnering with the owner we are able to also assist them in connecting with traditional and non-traditional funding sources that fit best with their project and need.

ACQUIRE – Many times a project involves some factor of site evaluation or selection. An owner may require an assessment of their current facility including expansion/renovation options. Site evaluation may also require the assessment of an existing building that the owner wishes to renovate for their use. Lastly, there may be a need to acquire a property for a new build. The Mishler team can assist an owner with these potential site evaluation or selection scenarios. Our experienced team can provide real estate broker services and property evaluation services including renovation feasibility studies.

PLAN - An ever increasing part of developing a project is the sometimes costly and lengthy process of obtaining municipality approval of your project. Mishler has years of experience assisting clients in seeking and obtaining municipality approvals for Re-zoning, Annexation, Use by Special Review, Re-platting, and Site Planning. Our experience navigating these sometimes challenging processes will help you save time and money.

DESIGN – Selecting the correct design team for your project is critical to its success. Thru years of Design/Build experience it is our belief that selecting a design professional that fits the size, complexity, and type of project will provide the greatest opportunity to manage budgets, achieve the desired functionality while still providing a design that is pleasing to you.

BUILD – The foundation of a strong builder lies in the communication between the Owner, Design Team and the Build Team. Our intentional process for managing your project is to provide a single point of contact that does not change throughout your project. Our Project Manager will be the lead individual on your project from concept to completion. The Mishler PM will manage the design, estimating, municipality submittal, sub-contracts, material submittals, project scheduling, quality control and finally project closeout. We have found this process contrary to many other firms which will “hand off” tasks as the project progresses greatly increasing the potential for missed information and mistakes.