Your Project

As the owner of your project your goal is to build or renovate a building within budget and on time. While this may seem like the most critical part of your project our experience tells us that what happens prior to the actual construction has the most impact on the budget, schedule and quality of your project.

A typical project timeline may look something like this.

Services Flow Chart

Each phase has the potential to impact your overall project schedule and budget. It is important that your project team has the experience, ability and knowledge to navigate this process, increasing the potential to save time and money.

Property Acquisition or Assessment

Many times your project may involve finding a property to construct your building on. While finding the property can be the major effort, assessing the costs of developing that property will determine if it is the best property for your project. Critical assessments would include the following. The availability and location of service utilities. Storm drainage requirements. Soil conditions and their impact on your building design. Municipality requirements for offsite improvements such as roads, access, landscape buffers, walking trails, etc. All of these items may potentially impact your project schedule, and most importantly, your overall project budget.

Project Entitlement (Development Approvals)

The entitlement of a project, or in simple terms, the governing authorities approval of your project is sometimes overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. It is our experience that having a qualified, experienced team member to assist you in navigating these entitlement processes is invaluable. These processes may include:

  • Annexation
  • Re-zoning or Use by Special Review
  • Subdivision and Platting
  • Site Plan Approval

Design -

Our approach as your design/build contractor is to assemble a team of design professionals that fit your project vision. This includes experience that is unique to your project as well as the capability and availability to work with you and your team.

Permitting -

This final piece in your projects municipal approval process can many times be submitted concurrent to the development processes listed above. This can streamline your approval process saving time and money. It is critical at this step to have a complete “permit ready” set of drawings. Throughout the design process we are tracking this important milestone to ensure there are no delays to the design timeline that could impact your overall schedule.

Construction -

The management of the construction of your project is delivered thru a dedicated, full time, on site project superintendent. The superintendent drives the day to day operations of the construction site. Thru weekly sub-contractor meeting he ensures that the jobsite is safe and compliant. He also manages the project schedule and the quality of the work being performed.

A second level of communication and management is your dedicated project manager. Having been part of your team since the beginning, our project manager has an in depth knowledge of the design, material, systems and owner vision. Thru weekly on site OAC (Owner, Architect, Contractor) meetings our PM is able to thoroughly communicate with the entire team, keeping all informed about current schedule, changes and any challenges.

How We Can Help

Typically a project involves many tasks and approvals before an owner is ever ready to pull a permit. This pre-construction process can sometimes be lengthy as well as costly if not managed diligently. Thru a pre-construction agreement we are able to partner with you and assist you in all areas of pre-construction, saving you time and money. As we navigate your project through pre-construction we are also able to deliver updated periodic project estimating. This will ensure that as we work thru design your budget stays at the forefront and ensures that you are able to afford what is being designed.

When we have reached the end of the pre-construction period we then have a very accurate budget, complete drawings and a defined construction schedule. At that point we solicit multiple competitive sub-contractor bids and compile for you a guaranteed maximum price. It is at this point that you would commit to the construction portion of the project.

Our years of experience tells us that this streamlined project delivery process provides you a unified flow of information, planning, design and construction. This single entity, single contract, single point of contact brings value, quality and a comfort knowing that your project will be delivered on time and within your budget.