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About Mishler

The Mishler Story...

Build Strong comes from the ideals of a family rooted in determination with a strong work-ethic and has become the legacy of numerous professionally constructed projects over the last several decades.

When founder and President of Mishler, Del Fast, considered a name to incorporate his business, he soon realized that Fast Construction might be a bit too presumptuous! Del comments, I really didn't want to be known as the company that just built FAST. So, in furthering his search for a name, he found he didn't need to look any further than his own backyard!

In 1918 Del's father was born out of wedlock and given up for adoption. All of his life he carried the surname of his adoptive family and knew nothing more than he was the son of Peter and Jennie Fast. Though his home life was a good one, Del's father eventually came to realize he was not a Fast by birth and began pursuing an interest in understanding his roots. In the summer of 1971, a letter written to his adoptive parents from his birth mother was discovered. That letter had the signature of a woman by the name of Mildred Mishler. Over the next 20 years, Del, his father and his family searched for the truth of their roots. It wasn't until the fall of 1991 when together, they found the lineage of a whole new family!

As Del finalized his thoughts regarding a name to incorporate his new business, it became clear that the name Mishler would not only preserve his new-found heritage, but would also leave a legacy for his family in the years to come. So, in the spring of 1995 Mishler Corporation was born. Thus proving that out of the brokenness of one family can come the strength of another!

From the humble beginnings in the housing industry to the now multi-million dollar commercial development and construction of today, the name Mishler, has become synonymous with a legacy of innovation, built on the strength of quality Professional Construction and Development Services.

Today, it is the strength of the name Mishler that gives our company its heritage. In the future, it will be our legacy in the name Mishler to always Build Strong™!

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Five Core Values...

The V in the Mishler logo logo is not just by design. In fact, it stands for something much more... It represents the Five Core Values that is the measure of each of our employees' commitment to you and it is the DNA of the Build Strong name of Mishler. On these Five Core Values we stand firm. To sacrifice on our values would be to sacrifice on the heritage and legacy of the Mishler family name.

1 Quality...we are a business that delivers high quality services for the greatest value.

2 Innovation...we will provide our clients with an innovative full service approach to the development and construction of their project.

3 Solutions...we are a business that looks for solutions not excuses.

4 Relationships...we are a business that values relationships with like-minded people to improve the quality and delivery of our services.

5 Legacy...we will continue to Build Strong™ upon our legacy of integrity.

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Five Development Services...

In addition to our Five Core Values, the V in the Mishler logo logo stands for one more thing. It represents the Five Development Services that Mishler provides each of our clients in order to navigate them through the complex construction process from before inception to unlocking the door to your new facility. With Mishler you get the assurance of an experienced team built on the strength and legacy of quality Professional Construction and innovative Development Services.

1 fund...Mishler provides an Assessment Tool to determine your funding requirements and provides you with options to finance your project.

2 acquire...Mishler Development Brokers provides you with a Property Assessment and Search Tool to customize your need for property.

3 plan...Mishler is your uniquely qualified partner to navigate you through your municipality's lengthy planning process.

4 design...Mishler uses its Needs Assessment and Programming Power Tools to select a designer right for your project.

5 build...Mishler utilizes its Professional Construction and Development Services to Build Strong your project that won't break your budget.

For detailed information regarding each of our Five Development Services, visit our Services page.

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Our Mission...

Mishler turns vision into reality by providing innovative solutions through Professional Construction and Development Services...

Our mission is not something once said and then forgotten, but rather it is a philosophy of how we approach each client, on all projects... every day! Best said, Mishler's goal is to turn your vision into the reality of a fully functional quality facility that will outlast a lifetime... We achieve this goal by providing you with the right set of tools to not simply construct your project, but to navigate you through the process of construction by: assisting you with your funding needs, helping you acquire property specific to your needs, providing assist with your municipality's planning process, designing a project that fits your budget and by building a facility that meets the current and future needs of your organization. That's the Mishler Mission... that's the Mishler process, that's the Mishler way to Build Strong™!

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